The Best Lip Care Kit- Don't forget your lips may be touching food or your partners too :)

Did you know even with the best lip treatment, you still need to exfoliate your lips? Why? Because your lips have dead skin cells which shed naturally. When you exfoliate weekly, it helps to enhance the benefits of lip balms and improves microcirculation. What you get is naturally healthy and rosy lips.

This is the perfect Lip Care Kit for you. You use our vegan lip balm as a base. Use the exfoliating tool in a circular motion. Do this twice and wipe off. If you want to have an instant moisturized look, you can put another layer of our lip balm. Yes, you read it correctly, our fabulous lip balm is a 2-in-1. It can be used for exfoliation or moisturization. Don't you just love it?

Smooth Lips give better performance when you talk. Don't forget, on the special occasions, your lips can touch your partner's lips too. Use the very healthiest lip balm ever!!