7 Benefits of Using a Lip Balm

As you pursed your lips, you noticed a rough and chapped texture. You look into the mirror, and your hunch is correct. You have chapped lips! This is where the beauty of a handy lip balm comes into play. 

And no, lip balms aren't for the ladies only. Everyone in the family should have a lip balm ready; read the article to discover why. 

What's in a Lip Balm?

Depending on the ingredients used, lip balms are generally used to protect your lips from environmental factors. 

It's like a magic stick – a flavored and tasty seal that coats your lips while nourishing, hydrating, and moisturizing them. 

Commonly, lip balms are made up of oils and other ingredients that create a protective barrier on the lip.  

However, various specially-formulated lip balms do more than protect. Nowadays, you can purchase lip balms that hydrate, moisturize and nourish the lips. 

Before, lip balms were only available in a creamy stick. But, this trend has long gone.

Today, the sky's the limit! 

Lip balms can be fruity, scented, glittery, colored, and more.

Various manufacturers have also bid adieu to the typical lipstick packaging. 

You can purchase lip balms in a tin can or a lollipop-shape contraption. 

Is there a Difference Between a Lip Balm and a Lipstick?

Even though these two products are used on the lips, lipstick and lip balm have their differences. 

Lipsticks, in general, are cosmetic products that bring color to your smile. Lipsticks can be likened to a magic wand. 

You wave it over your lips, and voila! You color a smile that shines so bright. 

Before, lipstick colors were in a family of reds. 

But, as fashion continues to evolve and trends come and go, lipstick colors are available in the shade of the rainbow. You can also paint your lips black and white if you desire. 

Lipsticks also come in either glossy or matte finish. 

Whether you want a sleeker and more polished look or a flashy and captivating appeal, the continuous innovations in lipstick manufacturing are a delight for many. 

Lip balms, on the other hand, adapt a more subtle effect. It isn't built to improve your face's aesthetic. 

Instead, it is built to create a waxy or glossy moisture that repels impacts of environmental factors such as humidity or heat. 

Because of recent innovations, lip balms now hydrate and nourish the lips for a soft and healthy smile. 

At the same time, lips balms are created to suit a wearer's preferences like taste, scent, or gloss. 

Unlike lipsticks, mainly used for cosmetic purposes, lip balms are used for protection. But, continuous innovations allow lip balms to be multi-faceted. 

It protects the lips, and lip balms also nourish and color them.

What are the benefits of using a lip balm? 

From time to time, you might ask yourself, "Why are my lips so dry?".

The explanation for this may vary.  

It can be a health concern, such as not being able to drink the recommended water intake. Or, it can be due to environmental circumstances like the cold weather. 

With the help of a trusty lip balm, you can fix dry lips! Moreover, you'll have smooth, healthy, and kissable lips. 

In fact, lip balms should be a part of your personal care routine. It is as essential for men, not just for women. 

Dads who often work hard and under the sun need lip balm to protect their lips from harmful UV rays. 

Resource speakers who often speak to the public and use a microphone need lip balm to protect against microphone feedback. 

Online coaches who want a subtle yet fresh look can rely on lip balms. The circumstances listed above are just some samples of the many purposes of a lip balm. 

Here are seven benefits that will persuade you to carry one in your pocket. 

  • Hydrates and Moisturizes Your Lips

  • The causes of dry lips can be sunburn, extreme weather (hot and cold), medical conditions (allergies, thyroid disorders, or reaction to medicine), vitamin deficiency, and dehydration.

    dry lip

    We're using dry and chapped lips synonymously for everyone's reference. 

    An individual whose chapped lips aren't treated immediately might experience pain. Speaking, eating, or opening the mouth with dry lips can be extremely painful. 

    Lip balms and treatments can be used to relieve pain from dry lips. At the same time, the greasy moisture protects the lips from environmental factors such as wind and sun. 

    An organic lip balm will help!

    • Prevents Chapping and Windburn

    Medical experts worldwide believe windburn is caused by natural oils being stripped from the skin due to extreme cold or dry air. 

    According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the wind itself can reduce the amount of the skin's natural protection against UV rays. 

    The first remedy for chapping and windburn is often replenishing the lip's moisture. You can drink water and use lip balm to create a hydrating barrier. 

    • Heals Dry and Chapped Lips

    Sometimes, we get lost in the day's priorities and forget to take care of ourselves. 

    Although it's acceptable to occasionally forget a thing or two, neglecting primary care can lead to irreversible damage. Such is the case for dry and chapped lips. 

    To transform your dry and chapped lips into supple and healthy ones, medical professionals recommend using a non-irritating lip balm. 

    The best lip balm for dry lips is those made with these ingredients: petroleum jelly, castor seed oil, ceramides, dimethicone, mineral oil, shea butter, and mineral oil. 

    • Protects Lips Against Sun Damage

    Lips are susceptible to sunburn and the effects of sun damage. 

    If you think you have lips that are painful to move or slightly larger than it seems, this can be a symptom of a sunburned lip. 

    Be careful and watch out for swelling, redness, pain, and blistering on the lips. These are clear indicators that you're experiencing sun damage. 

    Dermatologists recommend balms that have SPF or organic lip balm.

  • Add Hint of Colors to Your Lips

  • Isn't it the best of both worlds to have a lip treatment that protects it and simultaneously provides your face with a dash of color? 


    If using lipstick sounds too extreme, a lip balm will give you the color boost you need. 

    Most tinted lip balms are created to give you a subtle dash of color. Who can't possibly say no to hydrated, nourished, moisturized lips that exude a colorful pout? 

    • Accessible and Affordable

    Unlike other lip products, such as lip gloss and lipsticks, lip balms are pretty easy to find. 

    You can grab it from a local convenience store. You can buy one while on a grocery run. Or, you can purchase it online.

    The beauty of lip balms is that it's everywhere. This makes it possible for everyone – male, female, teens, or adults, to use it especially if its organic lip balm.

    Lip balms are also fantastic gift ideas because it is affordable. Since everyone needs nourishment for their lips, it is a great gift for someone’s birthday, Mother's Day or even Father's Day. 

    We hope this post helped you understand why lip balms are essential to your skincare routine. 

    So, the next time you find yourself in a beauty store or online store, don't forget to pick up a lip balm.

    They're essential for every man and woman, young and old. Lip balms offer many benefits that we just touched on – they keep your lips hydrated, moisturized, and nourished; they protect your pout from the sun's harmful rays; and they come in a variety of flavors that make them irresistible!

    Do you know someone who can use a lip balm?

    Don't wait any longer, head out to your favorite online store and purchase a lip balm today. While you're at it, stock up on a few extras so you never have to worry about being caught without one again.