About Us

FanLoveBeauty, launched on 02/20/2020 is an aspirational beauty brand devoted to the ones we love. The "one" meaning who inspire, entertain or educate the society. FanLoveBeauty invites YOU to shout out #WhoDoYouLove and we will create products for those special people. Our first collection is inspired by Shark Tank Star Daymond John who is a motivational speaker. Being a super fan of Daymond, our founder, cosmetic chemist Ginger King created the first vegan lip balm for speakers. From the ingredients used to the brand philosophy, this lip balm embodies the learnings from Daymond himself. 

Our founder Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King is a well-respected beauty industry expert often appeared on magazines and podcasts. She has been quoted over 30 leading beauty publications including Allure, New Beauty, Marie Claire, Elle, Oprah, PopSugar, Self, Well + Good, and many more. 

We are advocates of #SavetheBees and we donate part of the proceeds to Suicide Prevention Foundation.