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Our Products

Lip balms are the only product that can be transferred to yoru partner via kisses or ingested via having food thus it is important to have the healthiest lip balm formulated without undesirable ingredients such as petrolatum (petrochemical that belongs to the gas station not to your lips) or lanolin (animal byproduct which may cause allergic reaction). Our stage balm for lips is fueled with superfoods and clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by 6000%. A healthy person can have 1000 dreams so we want you to be healthy and have the most hydrated lips no matter what stage you are on in your life. 

100% Natural, 100% Vegan.

The untinted lip balm imparts no color. It goes on smooth and natural on your lips. 

The tinted lip balm imparts a natural warm red that adds a bit of color to your lips and still looking natural.


Orders are shipped within 2 business days from order placement.  You should receive your order within 5-7 business days.