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FanLoveBeauty's Stage Balm is for Big Talkers

New brand FanLoveB­eauty, founded by Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King, has officially launched its first product, Stage Balm, a lip care product targeted toward speakers and people who talk a lot.

The brand is inspired by role models, with King’s celebrity crush being Shark Tank star Daymond John, and is devoted to individuals who influence, entertain or educate society.

FanLoveBeauty plans to create products that work as solutions to problems for different groups of professionals and also share those products with fans, because “FanLove is aspirati­onal.”

Stage Balm is designed to keep lips fresh and moisturized during long stage presenta­tions, empowering the speaker by comforting dry lips and waking them up with a hint of peppermint.

This product is a 100% natural, vegan, moisturizing lip balm infused with superfoods known to nourish lips like mango, avocado and flaxseed oil, as well as sea asparagus, which is known to boost moisturi­zation.

Equally important is what the lip balm is formulated without. Stage Balm contains no petrolatum (petroleum by-product) or lanolin (animal-byproduct). It also contains no beeswax, as Daymond John is an advocate to save the bees and being kind to bees is a brand pillar.

Furthermore, FanLoveBeauty will donate portions of proceeds to benefit the suicide prevention foundation as the road is often lonely for entrepre­neurs, speakers and entertainers and many have fallen down the road of depression and suicide.

FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm comes in a recyclable package and is available in tinted and untinted shades. 

“The Stage Balm For Lips makes my lips feel extra smooth,” Daymond John said. “I use it all the time especially before I go on stage to deliver a keynote. I simply love it!”

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