Fanlovebeauty Creates a Unique, SPEAKER Inspired Lip Balm for Thought Leaders and Go-Getters

If the saying “beauty only runs skin deep” is taken literally, then beauty enthusiasts need to be more critical in what they put on their skin, especially on their lips. Lip balms could be used by men and women even kids and could be ingested. Lip balm consumers can greatly benefit from a product when it’s made up of all natural ingredients like FanLoveBeauty’s Stage Balm for Lips.

Stage Balm for Lips is the ultimate on-the-go lip balm for when lips are chapped and dry. It is made with all-natural ingredients that are focused on sealing in the moisture for the lips. The balm is fueled with superfoods like avocado, coconut and flaxseed for instant hydration. Additionally, it contains clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by 6000% over time. It has a refreshing natural peppermint scent to instantly brighten up anyone.

A non-traditional beauty brand, FanLoveBeauty creates clean beauty products for the thought leaders of society as well as those who aspire to be them. Their lip balm is perfect for dry lips and can freshen up someone’s lips before they go to a meeting, interview, negotiation or any virtual stages including clubhouse.

The brand’s first collection is inspired by Shark Tank star, Daymond John, who is a motivational speaker. Being a super fan of John, FanLoveBeauty’s founder, cosmetic chemist Ginger King, created the first vegan lip balm for speakers. From the ingredients used to the brand philosophy, this lip balm embodies learnings from the motivational speaker himself.

King is a well-respected beauty industry expert who often appeared in magazines and podcasts. She has been quoted in more than 30 leading beauty publications, including Allure, New Beauty, Marie Claire, Elle, Oprah, PopSugar, Self, Well + Good and many more.

“The Stage Balm for Lips makes my lips feel extra smooth. I use it all the time, especially before I go on stage to deliver a keynote. I simply love it,” stated John.

FanLoveBeauty also offers other great products like FanFavorite Lip Exfoliator and FanLoveBeauty Pouch. Their lip exfoliator is travel- and finger-pocket-size for easy use, while their beauty pouch perfectly holds items like lips balms, face masks or even credit cards. It has an interior split-ring keychain for easy hookup and zippered closure for secure storage. It is also travel-friendly and waterproof — no mess, no fuss.

The company was launched on February 20, 2020. It is an aspirational beauty brand devoted to the ones that the creators love — those who inspire, entertain or educate society. It has recently won a pitch competition by GlossWire.

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About FanLoveBeauty

FanLoveBeauty is a non-traditional beauty brand that creates clean beauty products for people who inspire, educate or entertain society as well as those who aspire to be them.