Our founder on Good Day Talking About Skin Care Ingredients

The latest beauty trend is often Asian inspired. There are two criteria to be deemed beauty in Asian culture. One is glass skin and the other is mochi skin.

For glass skin, it is the skin LOOK smooth and glowing.

For mochi skin, it is the skin FEEL soft and bouncy.

How do you get that?

There are 4 ingredients you can find in the supermarket to achieve.

  • Mushroom- The steamed essence helps to heal and calm skin.
  • Licorice- fabulous material to help with brightening. You can often find It in dark spot treatments or for dark circle under the eyes. (Hint: It's in our FanLoveBeauty Eye Serum for a reason!)
  • Rice- full of nutrients that can contribute to soft and glowing complexion especially if it’s fermented like rice wine sake.
  • Watermelon- it can actually help your skin to trigger your own normal moisturizing factor to stay hydrated.

So instead of looking like an orange, looks rough and feels tough, you can have smooth and soft skin with the use of these ingredients.

Yes, you can apply these essence with a cotton pad or a spritzer and keep them in the fridge for no more than 7 days to avoid microbial growth. However, cosmetic ingredients from the ingredient houses are carefully assayed to get the best effectiveness via special processes thus it works better than DIY. In fact, licorice itself can cost $18,000/kg due to its guaranteed glabridin content for brightening. 

The purpose of this article is to give you a flavor of how cosmetic ingredients are often inspired by natural but in the actual formulation, always get cosmetic ingredients from a reputable, high quality raw material suppliers to guarantee efficacy.