The FanLoveBeauty Holiday Bundle is here!

2 Min Read, 11/18/2020

Our FanLoveBeauty Holiday Bundle is here!

We have combined our fan-favorite Stage Balm for Lips with our limited edition Expressive Hand Cream to bring the best gift package for the superb communicator.  People talk with their lips and hands and they need special care!

Vegan Lip Balm and All-Natural Hand Cream For Speakers or People Who Talk A Lot (i.e. teachers, salespeople, coaches, moms, dads).

For decades, humans have exploited animals for vanity reasons, but many companies including FanLoveBeauty are putting a stop to this. Our collection of environmentally-friendly products include intense moisture vegan lip balm and velvety all-natural hand cream that are cruelty-free and gentle on your skin.

What You Can Expect from FanLoveBeauty Regarding  Vegan Stage Balm for Lips

Stage Balm for Lips is a go-to essential for everyone as it protects your lips from becoming dry and chapped. Our vegan lip balms differentiate from others because of the following:

  • Our range of vegan lip balm utilizes natural ingredients, providing your lips with deep moisture.
  • Our organic, vegan lip balm is ideal for those wanting to live a vegan lifestyle. We do not test any ingredients on animals or harm  animals in the manufacturing process.
  • Our vegan balm has less impact on the environment around us. We use no petrolatum (petrochemicals), lanolin (animal by product) or beeswax to give you the healthiest options especially lip balms could be ingested.
  • Our vegan lip balm is fueled with superfoods and clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by 6000% to deeply moisturize for your lips. This balm also acts as a barrier to protect your lips from future damage.
  • Use our lip balm daily to nourish your lips so they will never feel dry. Smooth lips gives smooth conversation. 
  • Use before your meetings, interviews, negotiations or pitch competitions. It empowers confidence no matter what stage of life you are in.

Benefits of Using All-Natural Expressive Hand Cream

Lifestyle and weather conditions take a toll on our skin, especially our hands which are exposed most of the time. This extreme exposure can cause premature aging on your hands, but with regular use of our natural hand cream, you can minimize these signs and improve elasticity and appearance.

  • Our expressive hand cream leaves no residue yet effectively nourish with avocado, flaxseed and our signature sea asparagus known to boost hydration by up to 6000%.
  • It instantly absorbs leaving your hands a protective feel.
  • Non-greasy. Satin Finish. Camera ready when you express yourself with your hands.


About FanLoveBeauty

Our products are created for people who inspire, educate or entertain the society aka entrepreneurs.  These people use their hands and mouths to express themselves and uplift others. Our lip balm offers deep nourishment for your lips with meaningful and healthy ingredients. It’s impossible not to ingest a bit of lip balm when you apply it, that’s why we pack our balms with healthy superfoods and clinical levels of sea asparagus to not only keep your lips smooth, but your body free from harmful toxins. 

Contact us  for a chance to create beauty products for your celebrity crush as long as they inspire, educate or entertain the society.