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Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King created FanLoveBeauty in 2020 with the conviction of giving her role model, Shark Tank’s Daymond John, the very best out of FanLove. She believes FanLove is passionate and FanLove is forever and we will only give our role models the very best.

The vegan lip balm was dedicated to him and to people who talk a lot and hence have drier lips.

Her goal is to create beauty products for people who inspire, educate, or entertain society and those aspired to be them.

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Why Choose Us

In a market saturated with cosmetics that barely deliver, Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King envisioned formulating a product that fulfilled its promises. All of the ingredients used are efficacious, vegan and purposeful.

Armed with a sense of purpose, Ginger conceptualized an entire brand that will continue to create and curate products to solve problems for professionals who positively affect our lives.

We take care of yoru appearance with a boost of confidence so you can focus on your daily work.

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Our Mission

FanLoveBeauty is a give back brand to those who inspire,educate or entertain society. We develop beauty products out of fan love as we only want to give our role models the very best.

We love people who inpire, educate or entertain society and those aspired to be them. We offer professional grade products tha general public can enjoy and aspired.

We also engourage YOU to let us know which role model have impacted your life and you want to create beauty products for as we continue our give-back business model.

Additionally, for every product sold in FanLoveBeauty, we donate a percentage of proceeds to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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