World Health Day Starts with Your Lips & Eyes

April 7th is world’s health day. The first step to take care of our health can be as easy as taking care of our lips especially we’re all wearing the face mask these days and it makes our lips EXTRA dry.

Unlike our skin can naturally produce sebum, our lips do not have oil or sweat gland so they can get chapped easily. And NO….those fried chicken grease just won’t cut it! So obviously you need a lip balm!  

Lip balms play such an important role in our health because it is the only beauty product that could be ingested regardless of if you are a man, woman or kids. It’s genderless and ageless. Anyone can use it.

However, if you take out your lip balm and check the ingredient list and I guarantee your current lip balm contains either one of these or ALL of these ingredients:

Petrolatum, Lanolin, or Beeswax.

Peroltatum is from petrochemicals. Unless it is super refined, it can still have residual undesirable ingredients that belongs to the gas station, not on your lips.

Lanolin is from the sheep, which is an animal byproduct and long term use can cause allergic reaction.

Beeswax? Yes, it’s natural but where do beeswax come from? From the beehives where they live. Why do you want to disturb their home for your vanity?

I’d love to suggest FanLoveBeauty vegan lip balm fueled with superfoods and clinical levels of sea asparagus known to boost hydration by 6000% to keep your lips hydrated and healthy at all times!

In addition to use a healthy lip balm, another tip is you must exfoliate your lips 1-2 times a week because we do have skin cells on lips and if you put a good product over dead skin cells, it will not be as effective. You can either brush your lips when you brush your teeth or more elegantly, using a silicone brush to gently massage. You should be able to get rid of dead skin layers. To use a silicone exfoliator, use the lip balm first as a base and just massage the lips in circular motion. Wipe off. Do this 2-3 times before bed and your lips should be incredibly soft and smooth next day!.

I also want to touch upon the importance of eye area care because what do people say when they first see you? You LOOK good or you LOOK tired. So we take care of Under the facemask, let’s talk about Above the mask.

In general, an eye serum works faster than a cream because it’s easier to absorb. Products with cucumber is great for toning the eye area and licorice is great for brightening. For firming, it usually calls for a more advanced peptides which is a chain of amino acids that can help to boost more collagen and elastin synthesis. When you use an eye treatment product, how you use it is also important. The best way is to press around the eye so it can help to boost microcirculation and achieve better results.


Now your lips are moisturized and eye area are looking great, you are now ready to tackle the day!  

FanLoveBeauty Team