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Lip Exfoliator

We have skin cells on our lips too. Over time, the dead skin cells will accumulate and if your lips are dry, your lips will be chapped even cracked. It is important not only you moisturize our lips with the best lip treatment like our stage balm for lips, you also regularly exfoliate your lips for the maximum benefits.

This is like you will not put your expensive night cream over a layer of dead skin. Pro-tip: You can use our untinted lip balm on lips and use this exfoliator to gently rub. If you have dead skin layer, you will see it peel off gently without pain. This exfoliator helps to boost circulation on your lips with the motion so your lips appeared plumped too! 

Travel-size. finger-pocket for easy use. Can be used around the nose to get rid of dead skin cells as well.