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Spotlight Prep Kit- The Ultimate Confidence Booster

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Have a big presentation, interview, or keynote speaking engagement coming up? Fear creeps in no matter how experienced you are. Your lips feel dry. Your hands start to shake and you feel unbearably hot. Fear not. Our spotlight prep kit got you covered! This is a bundle of our iconic stage balm for lips the lightweight hand veil and te refreshing body chiller in one kit. A swipe of lip balm. A drop of hand veil. A spray of body chiller. You are now ready for your best performance ever. Know someone who can use a confidence-boosting kit? Get them one and wish them the best of luck.

Stage Balm For Lips- lip smoothing & moisturizing.
Hand Veil- Hand softening & brghtening.
Body Chiller- An instant pick me up when sprayed on the back of your neck.
They are the ultimate spotlight prep kit for the ultimate win. Win your stage. Every conversation is a stage.

Refer to the ingredient list for hand veil, body chiller and stage balm for lips.

Why Choose Us

In a market saturated with cosmetics that barely deliver, Cosmetic Chemist Ginger King envisioned formulating a product that fulfilled its promises. All of the ingredients used are efficacious, vegan and purposeful.

Armed with a sense of purpose, Ginger conceptualized an entire brand that will continue to create and curate products to solve problems of professionals who positively affect our lives.

We set out to become a vegan brand, refraining from using honey or beeswax on our products.

Our goal is to make products that inspire, educate, or entertain the society—through our products that empower people's confidence through beauty.

Why Daymond Love us

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